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Bridge over a River



In an era of climate change when drought and rising temperatures are challenging our ecosystems and communities, water plays a key role. Keeping more water on our landscapes and in our communities is essential for our survival and thriving.

Solutions & Responses

  • Water catchment & reuse: greywater systems, rainwater catchment systems

  • Earthworks: Swales, gabions, trenches, ponds, etc.

  • Reducing water use: drought tolerant landscaping, efficient watering systems, less lawns

Water Catchment

CFRP provides an annual workshop related to water reclamation, catchment or storage. Workshops topics include building earthworks and learning about hydrological cycles, greywater systems, and rainwater catchment.  CFRP installed the first permitted shower to landscape greywater system in Paradise and created an instructional video for a laundry to landscape greywater system.

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