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Gatherings create space for community-building and further our educational goals. They allow us to work together in the face of ecological challenges, sharing our knowledge and practical experience working with local ecosystems.

Solutions & Responses

  • Create spaces to build on shared values not differences

  • Space to share our abundance & needs

  • Opportunities for service and working together on something greater than ourselves

  • Community-based learning where everyone is valued for their unique knowledge


Ecosystem Restoration Camps are engaging, FUN, multi-day camping events that focus on community action days, education, nature-based healing, and opportunities to network and build relationships with others interested in this work. CFRP typically hosts camps annually.  Check out past camps on our events page. 


Membership &
Community Building

CFRP is working to create a sense of community around our work. We are holding quarterly member events for people to connect and share ideas. We would love to have a way to connect people to come out and help each other with personal projects or implementing workshop topics in their own spaces.  Past offerings have included potlucks, movie nights, camping events, volunteer opportunities, & more.

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