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Beginning with the Camp Fire in 2018 and with the additional devastation of 2020’s North Complex/ Bear Fire and 2021’s massive Dixie Fire, our area continues to be at the forefront of climate change, and in dire need of ecosystem healing.  Most of us agree that all these dots connect.  All the components of life on Earth are interwoven, and so too are the reasons we find ourselves in this unprecedented ecological era.  We are devoted to learning more about what is possible as humans interacting with this beautiful planet, and understanding as best we can how to live in cooperation with natural systems.  We hope to serve as a conduit for knowledge and healing, and an avenue for active community resilience.

Our Purpose


Starting as a permaculture-informed response to the trauma of a single day, the Camp Fire Restoration Project began immediately following 2018's devastating Camp Fire in Butte County, CA.  Survivors and allies who felt passionately that regenerative solutions for rebuilding were needed came together and organized with support from partner organizations such as Ecosystem Restoration Communities, North Valley Community Foundation, and others.  Through a variety of action-based efforts that now also include education around Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), CFRP has grown into an organized 501(c)3, under the umbrella of Blue Oak Collective, that is expanding past disaster response and becoming a long-term resource for ecosystem resiliency in our region and elsewhere. 

Our Story


Come get your hands in dirt and connect with the community

Our Partner

Ecosystem Restoration Camps is an international movement with the goal of restoring land. They support a network of restoration sites around the world to achieve their goals by connecting restoration initiatives with volunteers, funding, and technical support.

Camp Fire Restoration Project joined this movement as the first US-based restoration site and as the world’s first site established as a response to an environmental disaster. 

CFRP collaborates with those in the ERC network across the state and the nation to develop strategies and resources for building bio-regional hubs and expanding the number and impact of restoration sites in our part of the world.


Our Team



Our Partners

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Have an idea or an event you would like to collaborate on? Reach out and let us know!

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