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Planting diverse fire-resistant and native seeds and plants helps landscapes recover from traumatic events such as drought and wildfire.

Native seeds, trees, and plants have evolved over millennia to adapt to fire and retain moisture. They provide food for humans and other creatures that are in relationship with them, nurturing the broader ecosystem.

Solutions & Responses

  • Collecting, storing and planting local seeds

  • Selecting and planting trees based on their adaptation & appropriateness to the local environment, i.e.drought tolerance, fire resilience, elevation, native vs. non-native, food production, etc., spaced for fire safety and planted at the right time of year.

Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) Wildtending Plant Walks

Once a month CFRP partners with TEK Chico to hold a plant walk at Verbena Fields in Chico, CA to provide participants an opportunity to build relationships with native keystone plant species throughout all four seasons. The walk includes gathering and planting seeds. Sign up for the next walk HERE 


Tree Plantings and Giveaways

CFRP has facilitated the planting of over 4,000 trees (native & fruit) on public and private lands throughout Butte County burn scars. These actions happen annually, so stay tuned to get involved in our next event.


Collecting and spreading viable seed is critical to ecosystem and food system wellbeing. CFRP partners with several groups to facilitate the collection, distribution, and planting of local seeds. We co-host the annual Paradise Seed Swap, hold seed specific workshops, collect and plant seeds at the TEK Plant Walks, host planting days, and work with local seed experts to expand our seed resources.  CFRP is also in the process of establishing a community seed bank. Check out our upcoming events to participate in upcoming seed related work.

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