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Soil health is crucial to creating resilient landscapes and healing land that has been damaged by wildfires and other kinds of disturbances. Healthy soil benefits the larger environment through storing water, controlling flooding, increasing plant and wildlife diversity, and storing carbon.

Solutions & Responses

  • Building soil: composting, cover cropping, mulching, managed grazing

  • Topsoil protection: erosion control, limited tilling, plant diversity

Paradise Community Compost (PCC)

 Join us on Thursdays from roughly 9am - 12pm at Heinke's Family Farm - 5365 Clark Road, Paradise, CA


In January 2022, California’s Senate Bill 1383 went into effect, requiring residents and businesses to divert their organic waste from the landfill and promote food reclamation.  In response to this bill, CalRecycle & California Alliance for Community Composting facilitated funding for community composting projects.  Since October 2021, PCC has diverted 6883 lbs of food scraps and made ~5 yards of compost using thermophilic and static piles.  Currently, we partner with the Stirling City Food Bank to divert edible produce from grocery stores in Paradise and then compost the rest. Additionally, we collect inputs from restaurants and households on the Ridge.  

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Composting/Soil Health Workshops

CFRP regularly includes compost and soil health as workshop topics. Stay tuned to our events schedule to know when the next soil health workshop will be. Also check out more information about composting and soil on our Resources page. 

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