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TEK Wildtending Plant Walk Report - April 2024

Join us and TEK Chico at Verbena Fields for these monthly wildtending plant walks. The next walk is July 30th. Learn more and register here

A group at the April Plant Walk
A group of volunteers at the April Plant Walk (Photo by Cassidy)

The wonderfully informative plant walks continue on the last Tuesday of every month, two hours before sunset. Please come hear from our plant experts Ali Meders-Knight, Raphael DiGenova, Mel Figueroa, and the many other knowledgeable native plant folks trained by Ali of TEK Chico. Meet some new plant friends and get inspired to tend your own native plant garden.

At the April Plant Walk we enjoyed bees, butterflies, and met some new caterpillars!

Lupine at Verbena Fields
Yellow lupine at Verbena Fields (Photo by Cassidy Wear)

The lupine has been beautiful and plentiful this spring at Verbena Fields. Our pollinator friends are happy! Indian potatoes/ wajim/ brodiaea continue to spread, thanks to the careful tending by many volunteers.

Wajim/brodiaea (Photo by Raphael DiGenova)
Wajim/brodiaea (Photo by Raphael DiGenova)


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