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Spring 2024 Event Roundup

What a busy little spring we had here at CFRP!  Invitations from our friendly partner organizations to table and give trees away kept us hopping. From "garden blitzing" to creating what looks like a big yearly CFRP event, this spring turned out to be a rich (and dare we say fruitful?) time for all of us. We really enjoy being able to bring the love and the resources to our Ridge communities - and beyond!

Noble Tree Care Day with Paradise Recreation & Park District

April 1

Happy recipients of the tree giveaway with with CFRP Board member Cassidy Wear & ED Stacey Wear

While volunteers with the Paradise Rec & Park District watered and mulched trees that we jointly planted last year, CFRP director Stacey Wear and her daughter Cassidy offered a tree giveaway.  Turns out that it just does not get better than handing a tree to a fire survivor who just moved into her new house!

Butte County Local Food Network's Annual Garden Blitz

April 13

An enthusiastic group including CFRP board members creating garden boxes together

We had a great, albeit cold and drizzly morning working together to install four garden boxes to Ridge residents. It was really fun! Wondering what a garden blitz is? From BCLFN's website: "It is a Spring event that brings the community together to support folks in growing more food. Volunteers for our 2024 Garden Blitz installed 135 gardens! This was a record that brought our total gardens installed to 550 since March 2020."

Love, Paradise Community Workday with Paradise Recreation & Park District

April 19

Tree giveaway and 4th graders at Bille Park
Tree giveaway and 4th graders at Bille Park (Photo by Sophia)

The highlight of this oak tree giveaway (besides that gorgeous Bille Park location!) was the cute 9 year-old who made it his mission to collect donations for CFRP from his friends - he raised $8!

Butte Environmental Council Endangered Species Faire

April 20

Partial Board of Directors group with Peapod
A group of CFRP Board members and ED with Butte Environmental Council ED Patrizia Hironimus at BEC's 45th annual Endangered Species Faire in Chico

Such an iconic Chico event!  We were proud to represent the Ridge and give guessed it...trees!

Earth Day Celebration at CSUC & Earth Day at Butte College

April 22 & 23

Janel Luke of Paradise Community Compost and CFRP board member Dayana Jackson were on hand two days in a row to represent CFRP at Chico's local institutions of higher learning.  The interactions at these events are always engaging, and we met some sweet folks who became CFRP volunteers! Thank you!

June 2

Tree recipients
Tree giveaway recipients

This is quickly becoming another iconic gathering...I mean, goats! You know what else is fun? Raffling off fruit trees!!  Winners were incredibly grateful and excited.


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